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What People Are Saying

“I’ve been going to Broadway shows for over 30 years.  I have never enjoyed a production as much as I enjoyed Half-Stitched!”

Janet Wallace

Boise, ID

“I laughed so hard I started crying…and then I really started crying!  Love Josiah and his words of wisdom.”

Darwin Moody

Nashville, TN

“I saw The Confession and didn’t think I could like a show more than that.  Then I saw Half-Stitched… now I’m just confused about which is my favorite.”

Shannon Dean

Carthage, KY

“It is wonderful to work for a company that cares- from the talented production staff to the shows themselves.  The most rewarding part of performing with Blue Gate is seeing the impact the shows have on our audience.  They come away from the musicals feeling uplifted and often times even emotional.  It is great to know you’re making a difference.  People always say it’s rare to find a company like Blue Gate producing such high quality original work.  I agree!”

Bobby Hall / BA Theatre

Bluefield College, Virginia

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