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 Story by Wally Nason 


Life on an Amish farm is full of unique challenges and rich blessings. Come meet Amish storytellers Simon and Eliza Yoder, as they give you a glimpse into their lifelong journey together. 


They will entertain you with their stories about farming, horse and buggies, quilt making, barn raising, ice cream socials, Church services, bishops, regulations, one room school houses, courting, rumspringas…

and… dealing with Englishers!


In “The GÜT life!  with the Yoders” you’ll be captivated by their often hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking stories. Seeing life through Simon and Eliza’s eyes, you will discover that the “plain” life is in reality

a life of depth, beauty, and lighthearted joy.


Producer - Dan Posthuma

Original Story/Composer - Wally Nason

Script - Wally Nason with Martha Bolton

Director - Wally Nason

Tracks - Dennis Dearing and Blaire Masters




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