It’s 1951 and the Korean War is in full swing. Anna King knows that war is contrary to the Amish way, but she still wants to help our troops by volunteering to write letters of encouragement to the soldiers, who must be lonely so far away from home.  Anna doesn’t tell anyone about her mission, least of all her father.  But to her surprise and dismay, three of her soldier pen pals show up on leave - on the very same weekend! And if that’s not enough, all three propose marriage!  Now what’s she going to do?!

Will Anna be able to keep the soldiers from finding out about each other? And her father from finding out about all of them?? And then… which one has she really fallen in love with? 


Dear Soldier Boy is a hilarious, feel-good musical comedy by Martha Bolton. Come join the fun at the Blue Gate Theatre in the Spring of 2021 and the Ohio Star Theater in the Fall of 2021.