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It’s 1990 and Iraq has just invaded Kuwait. Anna King knows that war is contrary to her Amish ways and figures her father might not approve of her getting involved in any way. Yet, wanting to do something to help America’s troops, Anna and her feisty friend Sofia volunteer to write letters of encouragement to the men who are deployed into the conflict. Anna just wants to be a blessing… Sofia just wants to find a husband.  What could possibly go wrong with such a pure and noble mission ?


It turns out plenty! Especially when all these lonely pen pals happen to get a weekend pass to surprise the girls, and end up arriving at Fern’s Cheese Shop where the two girls work - on the very same day! 


Will Anna’s father find out about her secret mission? Will Sofia finally find a husband? Will true romance be in the air for Anna (or is it just the Limburger cheese?)   


Come watch the drama unfold at Blue Gate Musical’s hilarious new show, Dear Soldier Boy, written by Martha Bolton, with original songs composed by Wally Nason.

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