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After one too many burnt batches of bread, two too many crooked quilts and a few more gardening glitches than a person can handle, Rachel Miller decides to step out of her comfort zone on the farm and see how ‘the other half’ lives.  After all, she’s seen the Telemundo soap opera actresses on the TV at the bakery where she works.  How hard can this acting thing be?!?!? But after trading in the “Amish apple dumpling” for the “Big Apple”, Rachel finds out the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.   In fact, there may not be any grass at all! 


You’ll laugh a lot and may even cry a little as you follow the Amish girl, a fading Broadway star, and a handsome stranger in their quest to find

the best of themselves.


Love, laughter, and the lights of Broadway brighten the stage in The Best of Me! … A new musical comedy - the newest show to join the decade of hits produced by Blue Gate Musicals.

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